Science Consulting

Oceanography, acoustics, remote sensing, data analysis, technical writing

Services include instrument design; data analysis and graphic depiction of data using a wide range of scientific, analytical and animation softwares.

Emphasis has been on physical processes including the development of animations to depict time series. A sample of past projects has been compiled and is listed below.


Swan Lake Water Quality Monitoring


In this ongoing monitoring program (2016, 2017, 2018), water quality time series are being developed through the collection of weekly profile measurements of such parameters as dissolved oxygen, pH, light penetration, temperature, and oxidation reduction potential. Water samples are also being collected to measure nitrate and phosphate levels. During the summer months, algal blooms are a common occurrence at this shallow warm eutrophic lake. With the collection of these water quality attributes, seasonal changes are observable and provide insight into the ecology of this system.

Extraction of Ship Elevations from Sea Bird Observation Cruise Tracks Using Gridded Satellite Altimetry Elevation Models

Conducted an integrated study linking DFO’s oceanography work with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s work on seabird foraging ecology. This study examined cruise track data spanning the years 1992 - 2015. See more detail.


Satellite Altimeter Sea Surface Height Anomalies

Worked with TOPEX, JASON 1 and JASON 2 satellite altimeter gridded and along track data sets to produce geostrophic currents as well as measure eddy areas along the BC coast. Created animations of TOPEX/Poseidon Sea Surface Height Anomalies for the North Pacific spanning the years 1993 - 2015 (click here is see all animations) (Institute of Ocean Sciences - Fisheries and Oceans Canada). See example below.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Navigator

Trained as an ROV navigator for the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility in May 2011. Participated as navigator for ROPOS dives during 24 hour operations for the NEPTUNE Canada and Venus July and September 2011 cruises.
Photos ~ ROPOS ROV, navigation control workstation, RV Thompson


Methane Seep Greenhouse Gas Study

Designed the flux funnel and carried out field research on the Mackenzie Delta to study methane flux from natural source methane seeps. Study has spanned 2006 through 2011 with field visits in the spring, summer and fall. Field investigations have included sonar and ROV surveys, gas chemistry sampling, hydrophone mooring deployments and sediment bearing capacity using a ground penetrating penetrometer (Pacific Geoscience Centre - Geological Survey of Canada).
Photos ~ winter sampling of methane seep, flux funnel designed by Diversified Scientific Solutions, hydrophones used to record bubble acoustics


Bubble Detection Algorithm

Developed a bubble detection algorithm to convert bubble acoustic recordings into gas flux based on a series of bubble amplitude and frequency thresholds (Pacific Geoscience Centre - Geological Survey of Canada - Pioneer Hill Software).
Photos ~ spectrogram of bubbles, bubble detection algorithm


Shallow Water Ice Profiler Study

Analyzed lake and river ice thickness using a Shallow Water Ice Profiler Sonar(SWIPS) on a northern lake and a river in the Ungava Peninsula. Time series analysis was carried out on both upward looking sonar data sets and a report of the results were supplied to the client (ASL Environmental Sciences for Environment Canada).