Pond visit - September 2, 2007

Field notes

Spencer's Pond still has significant amounts of water which is highly unusual for this time of year. Typically the pond has completely dried up in late August. The receding water level has broken the pond up into 5 smaller pools. The vegetation in the pond area is not as dense as usual as much of the soil is still water-logged. Twelve bullfrogs were spotted which is a relatively high number and is likely due to the abundance of water. No tadpoles of any species were observed suggesting that all the Pacific Tree frogs and Red-legged frog tadpoles have emerged. The lack of tadpoles also suggests that the bullfrogs are not laying eggs in Spencer's Pond as they require at least a year before they emerge as frogs.

There was, as usual, an abundance of Pacific Tree frogs of a variety of colours including green, copper, brown and blends of these colours. There was also an abundance of water scorpions in the pool closest to Spencer School.


Photos taken from Spencer's Pond September 2, 2007 visit.

middle pool
Sweet grass
Aquatic salamander
pond plants
Water Scorpion
Dragonfly larvae


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