Science figures, large format posters, full colour press work

Diversified Scientific Solutions offers a broad range of experience for depicting graphic elements such as scientific research descriptions or educational components of environmental or historical themes. We are familar with large format printing for trade show booths, museums and graphic layouts for a host of applications. Some examples are provide below.

Example Graphics

sea surface gradient BC-Coast  Ocean plastic altimeter_data
mushrooms  BC-Coast  Hydrothermal_vents altimeter_data
Neptune_cruise  ASL_products  Maritimeway acoustic_instruments AZFP SWIP
Terra  Remote_Sensing  CHS Plankton contaminants
CMOS  ASFM  ASL_banner tides


TBT  TBT2  Dioxin Dioxin2   environment   environment2

Magazine ads

ASL_ad  Terra_ad  oceanography oceanography flow_measurement